About us

Welcome to GoLearn English!

Welcome to GoLearn English, the future of learning English. In our online school you learn anywhere, anytime and faster with our personalised programmes. Our qualified, expert native teachers and mentors facilitate your learning on-line, in live interactive classrooms and with a blended learning programme tailor made to suit personal requirements.

"The result is accelerated learning opportunities that are engaging and fun!.

About GoLearn English?

GoLearn English has been developed as a brand of Academus Learning; a UK based mainstream virtual school established on the principle of ‘learning without barriers’ and the “School of Tomorrow” as recommended by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Centre for Education, Research and Innovation. As a leader in the UK for virtual teaching to pupils excluded from mainstream schools as well as children services for various reasons, we have been able to develop our strengths in combining traditional values with the best in modern educational practice through the medium of the internet. We are first and foremost a school with qualified teachers who are subject to all the quality assurance processes of a regular school in the UK. The fact we do it in an online environment means that we can provide you with our GoLearn Interactive tools that lets you learn faster.

Now you can learn as much and as fast as you want outside of the traditional classroom. Your teachers and mentors will set you goals, you and your peers will be able to track your progress and identify your weaknesses and give you a chance to practice what you need to learn and demonstrate what you know. This proven method removes ‘barriers to learning’ as you see immediate results and watch your confidence grow.

Our unique GoLearn English Programme has been designed by leading experts in English language learning, phonetics and assessments. It has one simple aim: to help you learn to listen, speak, write and Understand English. It is proven to work faster than traditional teaching programmes, so you’ll be speaking English in no time at all.


Why GoLearn?

  • Secure and safe participation in a 21st Century school
  • A personalised registration process which determines the correct level and programme suitable for each student
  • No more than 10 students per live class
  • Unique online accelerated learning materials (GoLearn Interactive Tools)
  • Opportunities for live practice via the GoLearn Common Room
  • Development is monitored and supported
  • GoLearn Certification accredited from the United Kingdom
  • Cost effective to allow everyone to participate.

Everything a traditional language school would be expected to have, GoLearn has it all on one single sign on internet platform that is easy to use and support your learning. GoLearn students are more than just students; they are part of a wider college community, learning online, making friendships from around the world and becoming independent learners preparing to use their chosen language in real live situations.

For further information browse our website, download our brochures, and feel free to email us and take a step towards mastering English language for academics, business, work or just fun!

GoLearn accepts students throughout the year so all you need to do is register FREE online and open the opportunity of the 21st Century language school for any learner no matter what your age, ability and requirements.

Call us today at 0203 303 3264 or email enquiries@golearn-english.com