At GoLearn, we know how important it is to be able to show others what you can do, so we have created a simple system that helps you to show employers, teachers, parents and your friends what you’ve achieved

GoLearn Badges are awarded for completing different steps of your learning. These tell people what you can do and motivate you to do even more.

GoLearn Certification accredited in the UK is awarded when you complete each level.

Add your badges to your virtual Backpack and hang your certificates on the wall and show your friends or an employer!

GoLearn Awards

GoLearn Awards will help to keep you on track and motivated. It’s so easy with GoLearn Awards as you can see exactly what you need to achieve to move up through the levels and keep on improving. Each step is broken down into manageable chunks and so you can really feel as if you are making the progress towards your goals that you are aspiring to.

GoLearn Open Badges

GoLearn Open Badges are digital badges representing a skill you have earned. They use a shared technical standard to help recognise your skills and achievements. You can earn badges from a variety of things that you do. Manage your badges in your Mozilla Backpack where you can create meaningful collections and display your badges wherever you want them on the web. Share them for employment, education or lifelong learning. Employers, organisations and schools can explore the data behind each badge issued to verify your skills and achievements.

GoLearn Certification

GoLearn Certification is awarded when you complete each level or a course. Accredited in the UK, this certification will be widely recognised showing your level of achievement.