Learn with GoLearn Tools and mentoring (Silver membership) and in our GoLearn online live classrooms (Gold membership) with our qualified, native speaking teachers. Our tried and tested formula will get you speaking English in no time at all.

GoLearn Interactive Tools

GoLearn Interactive Tools makes learning English easy, fun and much more interesting than using a book. Our Watch, Learn, Speak activities contain more than 9000 resources at every level of English and to suit all learning styles. They will help you learn to speak faster than traditional books. Let your mentor help you choose the best courses for you.
Use the GoLearn Common Room to meet and chat to other students around the world.
Use the GoLearn Tools and see your confidence to speak and understand increase quickly

GoLearn Live Classroom

Attend real, live English classes with other students in a real school but online from the comfort of your home or office. We offer many courses to suit your level and your requirements.

In the virtual classroom, our qualified and vetted native English teachers use all the tools you would expect in a modern classroom and more; an interactive whiteboard, audio and video, being able to upload and download resources as well as being able to break out into groups discussions or complete assessments individually.

You have endless opportunities to interact with other students; what’s more you can use an ipad, laptop/desktop or even your android phone to get those extra 15 minutes practice when waiting for the bus before you login to your class! Watch our video to see how it works.

GoLearn Teaching and Learning

We know that students around the world want to be able to speak and understand English with confidence. That’s why our lessons focus on helping you practise and show what you have been learning using our GoLearn Tools. Our system builds your confidence quickly and you’ll amazed at how quickly you will be speaking English.

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GoLearn Courses

As well as the usual courses you expect in a language school taking you from beginner to advanced levels, GoLearn English have a wide spectrum of courses available to specialise in your requirements for work, school or everyday living requirements. We do not aim just to make you good enough to pass an exam, we want you to use the language with confidence in everyday situations specific to your needs. This is why we cater for schools, organisations and individuals because we understand that everyone has different requirements. To look at the range of courses we have on offer, click here